About Us


The Kong Research Group is led by Jude Dzevela Kong, a Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at York University and a member of the Canadian Center for Disease Modelling.

Research Interest

Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Applied Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Population dynamics, Theoretical Ecology, Ecological Stoichiometry, Risk assessment of oil sands pollution, infectious diseases modeling.

We work on Mathematical problems in Mathematical Biology. Mathematical models include ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, delay differential equations, difference equations and stochastic process-based models.

Research problems include:

i) studying the impacts of oil sands on our environment
ii) understanding, forecasting (near-term), or projecting (long-term) species distribution under potential future ecosystem conditions
iii) studying and forecasting the transmission and spread of pathogens within and among human populations
iv) designing frameworks for assessing pandemic potentials of different regions

Analytical techniques include local and global stability analysis, bifurcation analysis, theory of monotone dynamical systems, persistence theory and sensitivity analysis.